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Oxford Advisory Group of DeLand, FL provides financial services to help clients protect their valuable assets and secure a profitable return on investment. With a staff including a wealth management professional, investment planner, retirement planner, a financial advisor, and traditional IRA advisor, we are well-equipped to handle any financial concern.

We offer an array of financial services for our clients:


Certified Financial Advisor

You can feel confident in your financial decisions when you follow the advice of our certified financial advisor. During your consultation visit, we can formulate a financial plan which fully accounts for your current financial status, goals, and risk tolerance. Our financial advisor can guide you in retirement planning, house down payment savings, or investments based upon your goals.


401(k) Financial Advisor

The intricacy of 401(k) plans can make them overwhelming. By following the wisdom of our 401(k) advisor, you can figure out the best course of action whether you are an individual trying to
invest or an employer trying to maintain employees’ plans.


Retirement Planning

A comfortable retirement does not happen by accident, so you need to plan carefully. Working with our retirement planning professional, we will collaborate with you to build the best plan to suit your needs and long-term goals. Your years of hard work should be set up to pay off in your retirement years. Retirement planning can include financial concerns such as risk management, investment management, income and tax planning, and more. Starting young with retirement planning is even better so reach out now even if you are far off from retirement. Reaching your goals is even simpler with more time.


Traditional IRA Investment

Through a traditional IRA (Individual Retirement Investment Account), you can enjoy retirement savings and tax-deductible benefits. IRAs are an alternative to an employer-sponsored retirement account. We want to help you maximize the benefits of your IRA! Reach out to our financial consultant for support.


Wealth Management

Wealth management will allow you to monitor your assets more effectively. We build a customized investment plan to protect your wealth and grow it safely. Our wealth management can guide you in legally bypassing the estate tax and managing other tax consequences from business income if you already have saved significant wealth up.


Investment Planning

A customized strategic plan will help you make the most of your investments. Through an investment planning consultation, our advisor can collaborate with you to build the plan that grows your assets and focuses on your goals. As a part of our services, we can select and manage bonds, stocks, and mutual funds on your behalf. We will be responsible for buying, selling, and monitoring your investments as needed.

If you need financial advisory and planning services in DeLand, FL, call (407) 495-2004. On our site, schedule a meeting with a financial consultant to build a customized financial plan to meet your long-term goals.

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