Long-Term Care Planning in Florida

What Is Long Term Care?

Most people who reach their older years will require a long-term care strategy. Long-term care typically refers to the various forms of elderly care necessary when people become frail or disabled. Regular doctor visits, healthcare, and medicine differ from long-term care. Long-term care is more custodial and involves many services like bathing and eating. When people become older or if they have experienced any debilitating accidents, long-term care is essential. Planning for your or your loved one's long-term care will limit questions and stress during a time when many of life's pressures may be weighing you down. 


Planning For Long Term Care

Having a plan for long-term care before you need it is a comforting thing to do. When you become old and frail, you don't want to worry about how to get the care you need to survive comfortably. Planning for long-term care will limit that stress in your life, ensuring you have a plan to be comfortable for the rest of your life. You should start thinking about long-term care planning so that you or your loved ones will be taken care of when independence fades - and you cannot take care of yourself anymore. Long-term care is not cheap! Early Planning will save you money, so hopefully, you never need to break into your savings. When you work with an advisor on Long-term care planning strategies, you can reduce the stress and burden of your care from the shoulders of your loved ones. 


Long-Term Care Options

With the cost of long-term care being so high, many people choose to take care of their loved ones at home. As an individual needs more and more care, the cost will increase. How can you pay for long-term care? With some long-term care planning, some options are available to aid in the expense for you and your loved ones. Of course, your investments and life savings are there if you need them to help create a comfortable life, but because of the steep costs depending on the level of care required, your savings could be gone in a blink. Some government programs like Medicare provide some (but very limited) care in this realm. A good option to assist with elderly care is long-term care insurance. 


What Is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Regularly, a crucial part of Long-term care planning comes down to long-term care insurance. Long-term care insurance is a way for you to slowly and affordably pay for the care you may require down the road throughout your earlier life. With a traditional policy, generally, you choose the coverage you want and decide when it kicks in. Based on that, you will have a way to put money towards that long-term care. More common these days are various forms of hybrid insurance policies; for example, a life insurance and long-term care policy in one. Some even allow the beneficiaries to collect the remaining benefits if the long-term care benefits do not get used. Long-term care insurance is a good way to plan for long-term care in your or your loved one's life. 


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Take the steps today to have your future taken care of tomorrow. Speak with an Oxford advisor to learn about the different Long-term care planning strategies and find what fits you best. Our seasoned advisors at Oxford Advisory Group will guide you through the long-term care planning process to help tailor a long-term care strategy to you and your life. We love serving all of our clients with the pure intention of helping families achieve their ideal retirement. 



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