Registered Financial Consultant and Certified Financial Advisor

What is a Registered Financial Consultant [RFC]?

A Registered Financial Consultant [RFC] is a financial professional with demonstrated knowledge in the financial services sector. Additionally, they have shown that they are capable of creating financial strategies that are unique to the needs of each of their clients.

The RFC certification is awarded to qualified financial professionals who apply by the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC). The IARFC is a nonprofit group that promotes the public's trust in financial professionals. They achieve this through facilitating the sharing of planning strategies among financial advisors, ensuring that they adhere to their ethical standards, and providing ongoing training to keep their abilities updated.


There are so many reasons why you should consider working with an RFC. With their experience in financial planning and services, you can be sure that the RFC will try to guide you in making the right financial decisions. What's more, they have your interest at heart, so they will not misguide you just to sell financial products.

About Oxford Advisory Groups Registered Financial Consultants

Oxford Advisory Groups has a pool of Registered Financial Consultants with experience in matters to do with financial planning and investment advisory services. The firm's managing directors- Samuel J. Dixon and Christopher J Dixon, are Registered Financial Consultants who have helped many clients achieve their financial goals.


Samuel J. Dixon focuses on retirement planning, IRA legacy planning, and investing for retirees, executives, and small-business owners. He is a managing partner of Oxford Advisory Group. He frequently presents instructional seminars on creating a solid and sustainable retirement plan and paying taxes in retirement.

Samuel possesses Florida and South Carolina insurance licenses and has passed the Series 65 securities test. Samuel earned a degree in risk management and insurance with a focus in financial planning and wealth management from Florida State University's College of Business.


Christopher J. Dixon is the managing partner of Oxford Advisory Group. He is a Registered Financial Consultant who is passionate in assisting retirees in creating plans to help them achieve their long-term financial objectives.

Christopher is a founding member of the Oxford Advisory Group, which gave him his start in the field. He has a Bachelor of Science from Utah State University and is licensed to sell insurance in Florida and South Carolina. He graduated with Political Science Honors.

What is the Difference Between a Financial Consultant and a Financial Advisor?

Many people tend to think that these two professionals are the same. That's because they offer help in making financial decisions. They can also help create financial plans that suit the needs of their specific clients. But there are slight differences between the two.

For instance, the most significant difference between financial consultants & financial advisors is the length of their relationship with clients. Once the challenges have been resolved, clients and financial consultants often part ways. Clients work with financial consultants to handle particular, time-limited issues. On the other hand, personal financial advisors work with individuals and families over a long period, managing their finances in the present and assisting them with future planning.

Personal financial advisors examine customers' finances more thoroughly than consultants do. A financial advisor might recommend that a business hire a financial consultant to provide temporary relief during a difficult moment.

In addition, businesses maintain more independence when working with a financial consultant. The consultant has been hired to address a particular issue; this means that they won't intervene in other financial or business matters, making the relationship transactional. On the other hand, a financial advisor will delve into the many areas of your business to help you achieve more.

What Does a Certified Financial Advisor Do?

Certified financial advisors help you understand and decide how to manage your money for optimal return and results. Their advice can apply to a wide range of personal money management decisions, including investing. At Oxford Advisory Group our financial advisors hold a number of certifications, including registered financial consultant (RFC) and certified financial planner (CFP). As a registered financial consultant, our financial advisors can help you determine what percentage of your money you should invest and where and how to invest it.

A certified financial advisor must fulfill continuing education requirements to maintain certification. This ensures that advisors stay current with the industry as well as changing laws and practices since law and regulation changes occur every few years. The goal of this continuing education is to ensure our financial advisors provide the best possible advice and service to clients.


Choosing a Certified Financial Advisor in Florida

Before choosing a certified financial consultant such as an advisor, it is helpful to know about the types of services you need in Florida.

At Oxford Advisory Group our certified financial advisors strive to provide you with financial services that prepare you for retirement. Our services include: 

Our certified financial advisors are passionate about helping you plan and prepare for the retirement of your dreams. We are proud to provide our certified financial advisor services in the following areas: 

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Orlando, FL

Orlando, Florida, is a popular destination for retirees, and our team of certified financial advisors is passionate about retirement planning tailored to this dynamic city. With a deep understanding of Orlando's retirement communities and lifestyle, we're uniquely positioned to help you as you plan your retirement. Whether you're evaluating life insurance, managing your 401(k), or exploring investments, our Orlando financial advisors are here to assist you on the path to a fulfilling retirement in the Sunshine State.

Tampa, FL

Retirement planning in Tampa, Florida, comes with its own set of opportunities and challenges, and our certified financial advisors are here to assist you. We frequently work within Tampa's retirement scene and strive to help you make the most of your golden years. From optimizing your Social Security benefits to discussing your legacy plan, our Tampa financial advisors are dedicated to helping you retire comfortably in this beautiful coastal city.

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Florida Fort Myers colorful facades and palm trees in USA

Mt. Dora, FL

Nestled in the heart of retirement-friendly Central Florida, Mt. Dora is a hidden gem for retirees. Our certified financial advisors in Mt. Dora understand the unique retirement needs of this picturesque town. Whether you're considering rolling over your IRA, planning for healthcare expenses, or seeking asset protection, our certified financial advisors in Mt. Dora offer retirement solutions that can help your retirement dreams become a reality in this charming community.

Clermont, FL 

Clermont, Florida, offers a peaceful retirement haven, and our certified financial advisors aim to help retirees thrive in this serene environment. With a focus on retirement income strategies, health care planning, and tax advantages, our Clermont advisors are here to assist you in crafting a retirement plan that aligns with your goals.

The Florida Citrus Tower - Clermont, Florida, USA


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