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Christopher Dixon, RFC,  is the Co-Founder of Oxford Advisory Group. He is responsible for the company vision and business strategy. Chris focuses on tax efficient strategies for retirees and advanced tax planning.

Chris received his Bachelor of Science. He graduated with Political Science Honors. He also studied through Harvard Business School and received his certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy.

He is a Registered Financial Consultant focused on helping retirees develop tax efficient strategies and income planning. He is also responsible for securing banking relationships with some of the top banks on Wall Street.

Christopher is a speaker at the firm’s informational seminars on Taxes in Retirement and Social Security.

Christopher regularly trains other advisors from around the country on tax strategies for retirees.

He is co-host of Reinventing Retirement TV on ABC 10, NBC 8 and Fox 13. Reinventing Retirement Radio on WFLA 93.1,

Chris is co-author of Total Tax Free Retirement book. He has authored articles in Newsmax Finance and also been featured in Yahoo! News Nasdaq and US News.

Chris sits on the board of the Advent Health Foundation.

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