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It’s Never Too Late to Start Planning for an Early Retirement

August 1, 2021

Postponing retirement is becoming a real, if unpleasant, option for many older Americans as they find that their savings matched with Social Security isn’t quite enough to pay the bills, much less fund the lifestyle they desire. So instead of retiring at 66 or 67, they push that out to 70. Then maybe 75. And…

Is the Pandemic Affecting your Retirement Plans? Here’s How to Adjust

June 1, 2021

The far-reaching financial effects of the COVID-19 pandemic include its impact on retirement confidence across generations. A study by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies found that 20% of millennials say their confidence in their ability to retire comfortably has declined because of the pandemic. The decline increases with age – 25% of Generation X…

Make Sure Your Retirement Plan Can Survive Any Political Climate

May 1, 2021

In any era, the uncertainty over the future political climate is undoubtedly a factor when planning for retirement. Governmental fiscal policies, the party in power and its economic agenda, and new or proposed legislation can affect the economy to varying degrees. And those changing dynamics can lead to confusion and anxiety among people trying to…

One Important Retirement Age Milestone People Tend to Forget

April 1, 2021

RMDs creep up on people, and they can come with unintended tax consequences. So savvy folks plan ahead … way ahead. When those approaching retirement come to our office to discuss their plans, we find there are certain milestone ages they know by heart. Most know, for example, that after age 591⁄2, they’ll no longer…

Don’t Let Your 401(k) Go Solo – Your Retirement Needs Backup Investments

March 1, 2021

Consider other types of accounts to complement your 401(k) and provide a diverse foundation to a retirement plan. With traditional pensions going the way of rotary phones and CD players, 401(k) plans are now the main vehicle many Americans ride into retirement. Nearly 60 million American workers are active 401(k) participants. But are people relying…

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