Tax Preparations & Advice

Getting professional tax advice is one of the best ways to be smart about your hard-earned money. Rather than leaving the fate of your tax preparations up to chance, working with a tax advisor may help you potentially maximize deductions, get ready for contribution withdrawal, and navigate complex situations.

Comprehensive Tax Preparation

Whether you’re preparing for retirement, or just need general advice from a tax financial advisor, our team at Oxford Advisory Group understands the complexities that come with accounting for your fiscal year.

Along with our other financial services, we offer tax advice to help you prepare for filing. Our comprehensive tax preparation services offer guidance about a variety of tax concerns:

  • Federal and state filing
  • Income records and deductions
  • Business expenses
  • Compliance with tax laws and regulations
  • Retirement contributions

Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies

When it’s time to start benefiting from your retirement accounts, taxable withdrawals require strategy and planning. Work with a tax advice professional to determine what percentage you should be taking out, whether or not to defer Social Security payments, how to plan for proportional withdrawals, and more.

Tax Advice for Investments

Another crucial part of tax preparations is determining how your investments will be impacted. A tax financial advisor can help you understand how factors like interest, dividends, and capital gains will play into your filing each year.

Complex Tax Situations

If you’re dealing with unique circumstances like an estate, inheritance, financial gifts, or charitable contributions, you may want to consider seeking out professional tax advice. Tax advisors can help determine whether or not you will be taxed on complex income, what you’ll be able write off, and what forms you will need to account for these situations.

Benefits of Tax Preparation & Advice

Working with a tax advisor may help alleviate the burden of discerning complicated financial records. Tax preparations often involve multiple accounts, legal stipulations, specific IRS forms, and a dozen other factors. By getting tax advice from someone who understands your situation, you can go into tax season feeling confident and taken care of.

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