Estate Planning

Estate Planning Advisors in Orlando

Planning your estate isn’t something that needs to be delayed until extreme circumstances arise. In fact, you can work with an estate planning financial advisor now  to create a living, flexible plan that can safeguard your assets. Find out more about how the estate planning advisors at Oxford Advisory Group can help.


Why You Should Have an Estate Plan

Many people put off estate planning until late in life, but doing so can unintentionally leave the fate of your finances up to chance. You should create a plan now to monitor your current estate and ease the burden of losing a loved one later. 

By having all of your affairs settled with an estate planning financial advisor ahead of time, the people you care about most can be taken care of in their time of need.  


What Estate Planning Financial Advisors Do

An estate planning financial advisor's primary goal is to ensure all of your assets are accounted for and appropriately valued. Along with taking inventory of your estate, estate planning advisors can provide the following:

  • Recommend an estate attorney (if you don’t have one yet)
  • Work with your attorney to fine-tune estate plan details
  • Move assets around to other funds, trusts, or accounts
  • Estate tax advisement and planning
  • Monitor everything closely and adjust your estate plan when changes arise

Estate Planning in Florida

Estate planning in Florida involves dozens of legal specifications like marital deductions and joint-held property values. Estate planning advisors help demystify legal jargon and walk you through specifics that apply to your situation. 

How Oxford Advisory Group Can Help You

Oxford Advisory Group understands the complexities of Florida estate planning and is prepared to help make the process as stress-free as possible. We also offer other financial services like retirement planning, investment planning, and wealth management.

Set up a meeting today with one of our estate planning advisors, and get your future back on track.

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