Investment Planning Services

Opinions vary on the best way to manage your money, so it can be difficult to determine how to manage and invest for your personal situation in Orlando, FL or beyond. Each person is unique with a unique financial picture and goals. This means a customized financial strategy is best for each person, which is where investment planning services come in.


The Investment Planning Process

Investment planning involves a process of establishing financial goals and pursuing them effectively. This process is designed to determine how to leverage your financial resources to fulfill your financial goals through the use of effective investment strategies.

Investors literally have thousands of options available. Common general options include equities, cash, property, and bonds. Each of these investment options has different features, advantages, and levels of risk. A solid investment plan put together by an investment planner will often contain multiple options to optimize the investment strategy. An investment advisor can help you make adjustments to your investment plan as necessary to protect and maximize your money and assets.


The Work of a Registered* Investment Advisor

Investment advisors can manage your money by choosing stocks, mutual funds, and bonds on your behalf and then purchasing, selling, and monitoring them in your account according to your investment objectives. Often these advisors are given authorization to trade on your behalf without having to obtain your permission for each transaction.

Some investment advisors may provide a narrow focus on one or two aspects of investment planning such as municipal bonds or dividend paying stocks. Other investment advisors take a more comprehensive approach to produce a wide-ranging investment plan – this is sometimes referred to as wealth management. The goal in either case is to serve you in Orlando, FL or elsewhere with investment planning services that achieve excellent results.

*Registration as an investment adviser does not imply a certain level of skill or training

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