Investment Planning Services

Opinions vary on the best way to manage your money, so it can be difficult to determine what financial strategies fit your personal situation in Florida, or beyond. Each person is unique, with a unique financial picture. This makes it important for everyone to have a customized financial strategy. Investment planning services help you to organize your finances in a way that can help you reach your goals.

What is Investment Planning?

Investment planning is the process of identifying your financial goals and laying out a pathway for accomplishing them. Investment planning is a critical aspect of financial planning. It starts by understanding your current financial situation and the goals that are important to you. An investment planner can work with you to ensure that you are able to align your goals with the resources available to you. Investment planning can involve building assets that can ultimately help you reach your goals.

The Investment Planning Process

When undertaking an investment plan, you will need to be clear about your financial goals and develop a process for pursuing them effectively. The investment planning process is designed to help you determine how to leverage your financial resources to fulfill your financial goals through the use of effective investment strategies. Our investment planners at Oxford Advisory Group will sit with you to develop a plan that reflects your financial situation and your future goals. Our process can empower you to make those crucial life decisions with more ease and peace of mind. The investment planning process at Oxford Advisory Group can take the worry away from you so that you can focus on the future with more certainty.

Common Options

There are many investment vehicles available to you. These vehicles are called options, and your choice of which ones to build your portfolio with is limitless. Depending on your overall financial picture and your available funds, we can help you determine which investment options are right for you. Common general options include equities, cash, property, and bonds. Each of these investment options has different features, advantages, and levels of risk. An investment plan put together by an investment planner will often contain multiple options to optimize the investment strategy. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each option and comparing them to your current financial situation can help you make a decision on which ones to include in your investment portfolio. Our investment advisor at Oxford Advisory Group will take you through this process.


Equities are also called stocks. They are company shares that allow you a stake in the company. Equities are easy to buy and sell but do not pay a fixed interest rate. Although equities do well during inflation, there is the possibility of losing your capital if the market doesn't go in your favor. This means you can lose income from equity investments. Your risk willingness will come to play in determining whether equities are good for your financial future.


The amount of money you have in cash can also go into your investment planning. This money is readily available but unlikely to grow unless it is sitting in an interest-yielding account.


We take your properties into account in designing your investment plan. There are a lot of ways that your properties can yield you income for retirement. Whether you want to downsize, sell or rent, your existing property can go into creating an investment plan that works for you.


These are fixed-income instruments that are tied to specific projects. Bonds are often Government sponsored investments and do not fluctuate as much as stocks, thereby offering much stability with your investment portfolio and potential income. Bonds, however, provide lower returns than stocks.

Why have a retirement investment plan?

Having an investment plan for retirement can be a very rewarding decision. Investment planning can help you stay in control of your finances in a way that provides you with a sense of security both for your retirement and for your loved ones. Investment planning provides you with an in-depth understanding of your finances and can help you stay in control of your financial situation. Managing your investments properly through a well-laid-out plan can even help you improve your standard of living.

What does a Registered Investment Advisor Do?

Investment advisors can manage your money by choosing stocks, mutual funds, and bonds on your behalf and then purchasing, selling, and monitoring them in your account according to your investment objectives. Often, these advisors are given the authorization to trade on your behalf without having to obtain your permission for each transaction.

Some investment advisors may provide a narrow focus on one or two aspects of investment planning, such as municipal bonds or dividend-paying stocks. Other investment advisors take a more comprehensive approach to produce a wide-ranging investment plan - sometimes called wealth management. The goal, in either case, is to serve you with investment planning services that achieve excellent results.

Investment and Retirement Planning in Florida & South Carolina

Our financial planning professionals at Oxford Advisory Group are committed to working with you to manage your finances and reach your goals. When you work with one of our investment advisors, we take the time to understand where you are financially and where you want to be. We will provide you with a personalized planning experience that can help you make the right decision with your money. We understand how far apart our reality and our dreams can be. Our advice and partnership can provide you with knowledge and practical steps you need to align your dreams with your reality.

If you're looking for investment planning services, book a consultation with us to begin. We provide investment and retirement planning services in Florida and South Carolina.

*Registration as an investment adviser does not imply a certain level of skill or training

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