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Located in Mount Dora, FL, Oxford Advisory Group helps clients secure their assets and achieve profitable returns on their investments. We have a diverse staff to serve your needs, including a retirement planner, a traditional IRA advisor, a wealth management professional, an investment planner, and a financial advisor. Regardless of the complexity of your financial situation, we have the experience and expertise to help.

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Certified Financial Advisor

Enjoy the confidence and peace of mind when your financial decisions are guided by a certified financial advisor. Through a collaborative consultation, our team can build a financial plan that will reflect your financial goals, current status, and risk tolerance level. From retirement planning to house down payment savings to investments, our financial advisor can help you work towards your goals.


401(k) Financial Advisor

The details and logistics of 401(k) plans can be overwhelming. Whether you are an individual looking to invest or an employer managing your employees’ plans, our 401(k) financial advisor will have the valuable insight you need.


Retirement Planning

Careful planning is essential for reaching your comfortable retirement. Through a retirement planning consultation, we can build a customized plan to account for your needs and reach your goals. You deserve to have your years of hard work pay off in your retirement years. Retirement planning manages a variety of financial concerns, including investment management, risk management, income and tax planning, and more. If you are still young, go ahead and start planning for your retirement now. The more time you have to devote to striving for your goals the better.


Traditional IRA Investment

Your traditional IRA (Individual Retirement Investment Account) should allow you to enjoy your retirement savings as well as tax-deductible benefits. IRAs are considered to be an alternative to an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Call our financial consultant to learn how to maximize your IRA benefits!


Wealth Management

Through wealth management services, you can more easily monitor your assets. A customized investment plan will help you secure your wealth as well as grow it. The wealth management team can provide support on how to legally bypass the estate tax and manage other tax consequences from business income when you possess significant earnings already.


Investment Planning

By building a customized investment plan, we can assist you in maximizing your investments. During your investment planning consultation, we will collaborate with you to understand your
goals and build a plan to grow your assets accordingly. Included in our investment planning services, our advisor can choose and manage your bonds, stocks, and mutual funds, alleviating your stress and freeing up your time. We can handle all buying, selling, and monitoring of your investments on your behalf.

If you need reliable and professional financial services in Mount Dora, FL, call (407) 495-2004. Through our site, you can schedule a meeting with a financial consultant to start the consultation process right away!

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