Your Financial Advisor and Investment Planning Professional in Clermont, FL

With Oxford Advisory Group, you have access to a variety of financial services designed to safeguard assets and produce a strong return on investments. Our team in Clermont, FL includes a retirement planner, investment planner, a financial advisor, traditional IRA advisor, and wealth management professional.

Our staff provides the following services:


Certified Financial Advisor

In order to make the best financial management choices, consider the advice of a certified financial advisor from our team. We can meet with you and build a financial plan that takes your financial status, risk tolerance, and goals into account. Our financial advisor can guide you in your long-term goals, such as planning for retirement, saving up your down payment on a house, or choosing wise investments.


401(k) Financial Advisor

Our 401 (k) advisor can provide valuable guidance and wisdom whether you are an individual trying to invest or an employer trying to figure out the logistics of your employees’ plans.


Retirement Planning

Your comfortable retirement is made possible through careful planning. Our certified retirement planning professional will guide you in formulating the ideal strategy to reach your long-term goals. After years of hard work, you deserve to be comfortable in your later years. We address important financial choices, such as investment management, income and tax planning, risk management, and more. When you are young is the ideal time to plan for retirement. You can meet your goals so much more easily when you have more time. Start planning now!


Traditional IRA Investment

Many people depend on a traditional IRA (Individual Retirement Investment Account) to give them retirement savings and tax-deductible benefits. Typically, IRAs are selected in place of an employer-sponsored retirement account. With the help of our financial consultant and investment professionals, you can maximize the benefits of your IRA.


Wealth Management

By following the guidance of our wealth advisors, you can manage and track your assets through a custom built investment plan. If you already have accrued significant wealth, our wealth management team can offer support on how to legally bypass the estate tax and manage other tax consequences arising from business income.


Investment Planning

Your investments will be more effective with a customized strategic plan. An investment planning advisor will work with you to build an investment plan that maximizes your potential for growth and considers your goals. Part of investment planning can be managing your finances through selecting the ideal bonds,stocks, and mutual funds. We also take on the responsibility of buying, selling, and monitoring the investments as needed.

If you are interested in the financial advisory and planning services we provide in Clermont, FL, call today at (407) 495-2004. Through our website, you can schedule a meeting with one of our financial consultants. We can review your current financial situation and create a customized plan to meet your goals and needs.

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