Certified Financial Advisor

A certified financial advisor has earned the right to operate as a financial advisor or planner in a particular jurisdiction through certification. These individuals obtain a credential called a CFP (certified financial planner) designation. The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards provides this credential to qualified candidates. This certification indicates that a certified financial advisor in Orlando, FL has met the education and ethics requirements established by the governing body.


What Does a Certified Financial Advisor Do?

Certified financial advisors help you understand and decide how to manage your money for optimal return and results. Their advice can apply to a wide range of personal money management decisions, including investing. As a registered financial consultant, a financial advisor can help you determine what percentage of your money you should invest and where and how to invest it.

A certified financial advisor must fulfill continuing education requirements to maintain certification. This ensures that advisors stay current with the industry as well as changing laws and practices since law and regulation changes occur every few years. The goal of this continuing education is to ensure financial advisors provide the best possible advice and service to clients.


Certified Financial Planners

A certified financial planner may begin the process of helping you create and maintain a financial plan by finding out your financial goals and reviewing your financial status and risk tolerance. A financial planner can also help you with saving for a home down payment, retirement planning, and choosing certain investments. Some certified financial planners focus on specific areas of planning while others choose to focus on helping retirees or small business owners.


Choosing a Certified Financial Advisor Near Me in Orlando, FL

Before choosing a certified financial consultant such as an advisor or planner, it is helpful to know about the types of services you need in Orlando, FL.

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